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The goods and bads of technology
Over the years, technology has been improving its capacity continuously through new inventions as Face book. Many businesses are using Social networks to advertise, hire employees and sell products. However, networking sites had provided businesses and consumers with some advantages, but also with some disadvantages. Everything that has been done in the late 20th century up to now has been programmed and stored on computers which make us wonder what special security and ethical situation exist.
New inventions on technology are very frequent these days. Networking sites such as Facebook Twitter and linked have been using by businesses for advertising hiring and selling purposes. On the Facebook site, it allows people to share their current location with their friends. Because of how fast technology is growing, society feels they need to catch up with the rest of the world. People also use the advantage of technology to find family members. For five years my dad didn’t get any words from my uncle Sam. By putting my uncle’s information on the Yellowbook online, my dad was able to find his current address and was able to get to him with no problem.
Today’s technology is also educational. A lot of programs are created to make students more knowledgeable. The science of technology focuses on the earth and how to make it a better place. A lot of Hybrid vehicles have been created to be more efficient and inexpensive. Devices such Kindle have been created so that people can read books on it. Because of the influence of technology in our society, the government is willing to spend more money on it than anything, because they believe it is a way to win the future.
Despite of all the advantages of technology, it has made us lazy. Instead of having a conversation with our peers, we text them. My brother Paris always texts me, even if I’m in…...

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