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Social Psych Assignment 4

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1. Identify at least two (2) social psychology perspectives that could be used to interpret Jared’s date-preparation behavior.
2. Provide a brief explanation of his behavior based on each of the two (2) perspectives you identify.
In my opinion Jared can be described as having a social cognitive perspective because he gets ready, he selects clothes that he thinks flatters his body the most and shows his good taste, he wants to portray to his date that he is not feminine and overpowering. Social cognitive perspective builds on behavioral theories and demonstrates that an individual's cognitive process influences and is influenced by behavioral associations. An example of this behavior would be perhaps Jared viewing his father put on cologne that was not feminine and overpowering. The social learning perspective beliefs of wanting to describe to others of our traits is based on our relationships with people. Jared imagines himself as good looking, masculine and easygoing. He wants to impress his date and by this information given, it seems his life experiences have evolved him to believe that these are the traits he should possess.
1. Describe at least two (2) situations in which you have employed self-handicapping in the past.
2. What would the costs have been for appearing incompetent? Describe at least one (1) cost for each situation.
Two situations I can think of where in which I have employed self-handicapping in the past could be the time when I was around 18 or 19 years old and I chose to party all night long the night before an important job deadline that was to be met by 9am. I came home at 7am and did not sleep. I got ready for work and arrived early to try to clean up the paperwork I needed to turn in as best as I could. My employer accepted it but jokingly referred to my work as appearing as great as the shots of tequila I must have had the night…...

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