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Social Responsibility and the Community

NFL's Involvement and Responsibility to the Community

NFL Play 60 is a campaign designed to tackle childhood obesity. Introduced in October 2007, by the National Football League, NFL Play 60’s goal is to make the next generation of youth more active and healthy by encouraging young fans to be active for at least 60 minutes every day. The NFL has dedicated over $200 million to the health and wellness of children, while also implementing in school, after school and team based programs to get children excited about being active.
Childhood obesity is a national epidemic. The current generation of children is projected to be the first generation not to live longer than its parents. Only 8 percent of elementary schools provide daily physical education which has led to 33 percent of children in America being obese or at risk to be obese.
NFL players from around the league have donated their time and money to encourage kids to get active. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers just recently did a commercial promoting the campaign as well. Players from the Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, and Miami Dolphins also supported NFL Play 60 by participating in the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House. The players taught children that attended football skills and did some football drills with them as well.

Factors that Influence the NFL's Social Responsibility

A variety of factors, including education, health, and community, define NFL Play60. The school environment understands the importance of promoting a healthy community. Organizations such as NFL and the National Dairy Council (NDC) have partnered in developing Fuel Up to Play 60 developing nutrition and physical activity awareness in schools. With NFL's long accredited expertise in physical activity, its players and members contribute valuable time and…...