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Homework – Grade 7

Week of 10/21 – 10/25 Monday, 10/21 Tuesday, 10/22 Wednesday, 10/23 Thursday, 10/24
Wksh: Power to a Power (p 2) Wksh: Division with Exponents (p 3) Wksh: Mixed Review (p 4) Study for test. Complete review sheet.

Friday, 10/25

Test in class. Print out next week’s hw assignments. Have a great weekend.

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Topics covered for the week
Power to a power Division with exponents

Additional help can be found in Chapter 1: pp 10 – 13 Chapter 4: pp 194 – 203 Chapter 9: pp 453 – 457 and p 822 Chapter 12: pp 674 – 678

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Test Topics
Intro to exponents/meaning of exponents Exponents with a zero power Negative exponents Exponents with similar bases Power to a power Division with exponents


Name _________________________ Date __________________________

Math Period ______

Power to a Power
Expand each of the following expressions. 1) (2rm3)2 2) (– 4a2) – 3 3) (– 3m2p3)2

____________________________________________________________________________________ Simplify. Write all exponents as positive if necessary. 4) (5x2)3 5) (xy3) – 5 (x2)4 • (– 3x6)4


____________________________________________________________________________________ 7) (6x2y3)3 8) (– 2mn5)5 9) (4x2)2 • (3y)2

Mixed Review. Simplify. (All answers must have positive exponents) 10) – (m4)3 11) – 3x0 12) – (xy)0

____________________________________________________________________________________ 13) xy0 14) (– m4)3 15) ( ) –3

____________________________________________________________________________________ 16) 42a– 3 17) 6bn2 • – 3bn3 18) 2c • 4c • c4


Name _____________________________________ Date______________________________________

Math Period ____

Division with Exponents
Simplify. Write each of the following with positive exponents if necessary. 1) 106 2) 1012 3) 80x2y5 ÷ 4xy9 8 15 10 10 4) (– 6)5 (– 6)3

____________________________________________________________________________________ 5) 9d8 3d4 6) 2k9 8k10 7) v99 v60 8) y3 • m5 y10 • m7

Compare. Use >, < or =. 9) 70 _____ 7 10) (34)2 ______ (43)2 11) (53)4 _____ 53 + 53


65 • 62 _____ 610


3– 3 ______ 33


2– 4


_____ 24

15) Mary is doing her math homework. She simplifies the expression (22  43)2 as follows: (22  43)2 = (28)2 = 216 Did Mary make a mistake? On the lines below, explain why or why not. If she is incorrect, then simplify. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3

Name ________________________________ Date ________________________________

Math Period ______

Mixed Review
Simplify. Write each of the following with positive exponents if necessary. 1) (– 8)2 2) – 82 3) 103

____________________________________________________________________________________ 4) 10– 3 5) 4b6m • m7 • 4b 6) – bc6 • 3b2ck

____________________________________________________________________________________ 7) (bc6)(bc6) 8) (2d3)2 • (3d)2 9) a6b3 a4b5

____________________________________________________________________________________ 10) 14x2y– 4z0 28x6y– 5z 11) 40w7x– 3 ÷ 10w2x– 4 12) (3x– 3y2)4

Determine the value of “n” for each of the following: 13) 5n = 1 14) (4x2)– n = 1 52 64x6


4c3 • (2c4)n = 4c3

Evaluate for the given value. 16) – xy2

x=–½ 17) (xy)2


Show all steps. 18) 4x2 – y


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