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Social Work and Its Code of Ethics in the West and the Arab World

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It is well known that the social work profession is value-based, that is, professional values in mind should accompany everything social workers do. Yet the argument here is whose values should determine what is right and what is wrong anyway? This query becomes particularly important, when some people of the social work profession expect others to apply “Western” social work Code of Ethics and values to other cultures and societies such as the Middle East or Arab world, without taking into consideration the Arab social worker different perspectives of what is right and what is wrong? Examples of such people are the authors of a journal titled “What is Sacred When Personal and Professional Values Collide?” Written by Richard Spano, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Terry Koenig, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at University of Kansas, School of Social Welfare. As for the development of social work in the Arab world, Ragab (1995, cited in Al-Krenawi, and Graham, 2003) maps out the historical progress of social work as a profession in the Arab world as a product of both French and British colonialism. According to Al-Krenawi and Graham (2003), Egypt played a significant and influential role in the development and expansion of the social work profession in the Middle East and Arab world. In 1935, Egypt became the receiver of the American model of social work education and practice. Beginning in the 1960s, other Arab countries designed and implemented their own social work education programs often with the assistance of Egyptian-trained social work educators. In addition, some subjective information reveal that, historically, social work was seen as a sub-discipline of sociology in the Middle East – a perspective still common in the communication and thinking of many Arab social science instructors and professors at Middle Eastern universities. This is seen in the...

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