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A Playdate with Jonathan
Shayleen Halloran
Indiana University Northwest

A Playdate with Jonathan Jonathan Watters is an energetic, happy eight month old infant. His parents are very close friends of the family, so I am lucky to spend a large amount of time with him. Jonathan is very laid-back and quiet compared to his energetic older sister. Jonathan’s parents moved into a new home on Saturday, December 5th, so I took this opportunity to observe him as I was already scheduled to watch him that day. Over the course of the afternoon I was able to spend a great deal of time observing and rather than interview him, I performed small tests in an attempt to gauge Jonathan’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. Using these observations I was able to learn about his developmental process and see the milestones as noted in our book.
Observation of Physical Developmental Milestones Jonathan is curious and very active during my observation. There are several different types of toys surrounding us in the living room. There is a television playing cartoons in the background, which Jonathan periodically stops to look at. Jonathan is teething so he drools quite frequently. After taking some time to fully wake up this morning, his mother Kelly drops him onto the middle of the play space and he is ready to play. To assess Jonathan’s developmental level, I record the gross and fine motor skills that he displays at this time.
Gross Motor Development Motor skills are simply actions that involve using muscles in the body. Gross motor skills involve making large movements with the arms, legs, feet and entire body. Sitting, crawling and walking are examples of gross motor skills that can begin to develop as early as seven months, when an infant can begin to sit on his own.
Sitting. Jonathan sits up with ease and seems very sure of himself. He does sometimes fall...

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