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Effects of Cyberbullying to the youth
A Research paper
Presented to
Mam Reusora, Milagros

Centro Escolar University, Manila
School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music and Social Work
Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Setting
Internet is one of the most use technologies in the Philippines. Most of the people are engage in using internet for various reasons. Some of these reasons are searching, surfing, use as communication and some of the people uses Internet to bully someone. Since technology has been introduced to the world, it seems a new kind of bully has emerged. Cyberbullying.

Bullying is not a new phenomenon and it has been well recognized as a common and serious problem in the society. Most of the teenagers has experience this type of problem or witness bullying. Cyberbullying is all known across the world. It maybe unnoticed but cyberbullying can be harmful and sometimes can be fatal. As a result, some took their own life because of being stressed or depressed due to cyberbullying. The reason why I conducted this research is, it caught my attention and it is wide range of topic today. And is because I believe it is a very important problem that people need to know about, for them to understand how bad cyberbullying is. Another reason why I choose this topic is because I want to know what the victim feels about, what are the reasons of the bullies why are they doing this kind of nuisance. And of course, to help our country lessen this kind of problem. The subject of the study are the students of Centro Escolar University, Manila and random people who are using the Internet ranging from 15 years old and above. The goal of this study is to collect information on how cyberbullying affect their daily lives. This research aims to dig more information to help explain the complex and...

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