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Socialization Into Nursing

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This paper is about the socialization of nursing, which includes the internalization of the attitudes and values of the role. The importance of role modeling the applied behaviors and skills through preceptor experiences to aid the new nurse is discussed. The importance of the socialization process and its impact on staff recruitment and retention is touched on. The author also shares her experience upon entry to the nursing profession and how it helped her socialization.

According to Creasia and Friberg, socialization is the process of becoming- acquiring knowledge and skills and internalizing attitudes and values specific to a given social group. (Creasia & Friberg, 2011) The term socialization used here refers to the process through which novice practitioners are merged into the profession to become professional practitioners (Mooney, 2007). Socialization into nursing is recognized as more than just acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to performs a role, but as also including understanding the values and norms that are fundamental to the essence of the profession. (Price, 2009) The process of socialization into nursing should occur through role modeling and reinforcement of applied behaviors and skills. Research shows that in order to progress successfully into a professional nurse the early parts of socialization to that role is significant.
The socialization into nursing can be a very intense stressful experience. Upon reviewing the reports generated on this topic, most reveal nurses referencing negative experiences and memories of their beginning into the profession. Notably, several statements reviewed and coworkers interviewed referenced the thought of “being thrown to the wolves”. Remarkably, there are those that have survived the experience and become expert nurses in their field.
The successful socialization to...

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