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The society I find most appealing is the Industrial society. Industrial society refers to a society driven by the use of technology. The reason they use technology is to produce goods for our economy. Factories that manufacture goods such as clothing, cars, home appliances, etc. are all part of the industrial society. It is characterized by use of external energy sources like fossil fuel. They are always looking for new sources of energy to use. These energy sources help to increase production so that more goods are available. The production of food is another large industry. America is an industrial society. Our way of life is identical to the description of the industrial society. Today most people buy their food from stores whose products were produced in a factory, so industry keeps us fed and clothed.
The industrial society makes urbanization more desirable because it puts people closer to factories where the goods are produced and they can find jobs in those factories. If you have a job you get paid for the labor you do. People use the money they earn to pay for other goods and services. So the industrial societies rely on the service industry and the service industry relies on the industrial society. One would find it difficult, if not impossible to function without the other.
I like the Industrial society because if it was not for technology I would not be able to attend college. In order to attend college you have to be able to work on computers. Some jobs require experience on a computer. I like being able to go to stores and have a variety of choices. Also, I like not having to use cloth diapers on my kids because they are made in factories now. If I don’t have time to cook supper I can go to a restaurant and pick something up. If you need some and it’s like two o’ clock in the morning you can always go to Wal-Mart if it’s an emergency. Another invention that is very good is the cell phone; you will always have a way to get a hold of someone if something happens. If it was not for the industrial society I think we would not know what to do without these items.

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