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public officials. Although I am not fully convinced that our nation is improving in terms of this issue, I am proud that we are being more and more aware of what is really happening in our society. We now exercise our power of democracy on a higher level. We can frankly express our opinions through Facebook and Twitter; we can participate in polls on television shows; more importantly, we can easily and freely have the information we need in order to assess the happenings in our government. We already know the value of transparency and integrity. At this point of our history, the has been in the limelight. His name certainly rings a bell among Filipinos when the benefit of the doubt, it can well be true and his family had the capacity to afford it, but I do not believe that the information contained in his reveal the whole truth regarding that ownership. Secondly, has also been questioned about his cars. Particularly, he bought a at the price of P1.5 in 2013, but its real value is worth. The reason gave on why he got it at such a observed that the explanations were weak in a sense that almost all his answers are not enough to defend his post. I think I can say he is not telling the whole truth. Although it may not really be as much as related to his than the other two possessions, the last “property” to be discussed is”” was a form of donation by his personal friends. I ask myself the question, “Was it truly a donation?”…...

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