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The first time I ever left my family to become a wife, mother was when I was very young, this marriage unfortunately did not last long due to abusive relationship and not stable income. So I decide to separate, move in back with my parents and persuade my education so I can give my daughters better life, stability and become very independent myself. Because I thought was never re-marry again and I didn’t want to depend of my parents for the rest of my life neither. I went back to school to finish high school and right after I graduated from high school I met my new husband and then I came to the U.S. I had family here but everything was still very new to me. I was scared, still very dependent of my husband, I didn’t speak the language, everything was new to me and it was the first time I had ever been away from my family. Thank God I still had someone who was willing to taking care of me, my two little girls and living expenses. Leaving home at the age of twenty-three, even thought I was married twice at that age, with kids to go on and start my own life, in another country, there were many things I wasn’t prepared for. I couldn’t afford to go to college, and even if I could, I really had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life anyway. My decision to go right into the work force was, at the time, a logical one. I have left my girls back in Panama for the first year and I was focused on trying to make money to bring them with me. I figured I could find a job that would pay me well enough to save money and bring them here, and to afford to have all the things I never can buy for them while I was with their dad, and while I was finishing my high school.

Having been raised during an era when the rhetoric was all about women being equal to men in the workplace, I truly believed that I could do anything a man could do, and deserved to be paid the same for the…...