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P3 – Explain patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groupings.
For this task I have been asked to produce a report to investigate which social groupings are most in need of health and social care services. To assist in the planning of care provision in my report I will be explaining patterns and trends in health and illness among different social groupings identified according to factors such as gender, social class, geographical location, ethnicity and age.

Social class is an intricate issue that consists of status, wealth, culture, background and employment. The association between social class and ill health is far from being straight-forward. There are many influences on health and one of them is social class.

The Black Report on Inequalities in Health Care was commissioned by the Department of Health in the United Kingdom by Health Minister David Ennals in 1977. They wanted to point out why the NHS was failing to reduce social inequalities in health and to investigate the problems. Ennals would do this by analysing people’s health records and lifestyles from different social class backgrounds. Ennals found that the overall health of the nation had improved but the improvement was not equal across all social class backgrounds. The gap in inequalities in health between the higher and lower social classes was widening.

“According to the 2001 census 8% of the UK’s population is of an ethnic minority. It represented an increase by approximately 50% in the decade 1991-2001. The majority of the ethnic minority were Indians, Pakistanis and mixed ethnic backgrounds. (1)”

In many population groups whether they are grouped by ethnicity or religion have many difference in ways of illness behaviour and seeking help with beliefs and health queries. In some ethnic groups,...

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