Sociology and Its Importance

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Sociology is the science that deals with the study of human beings and their social relationship.
Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Importance of Sociology(Uses of sociology)
The study of sociology has a great value especially in modern complex society.Some of the uses of sociology are as follows:
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1) Sociology studies society in a scientific way:Sociology studies in a scientific manner.The scientific knowledge is very much needed in human society in order to achieve progress in various field.
2)Sociology focuses on the social nature of man:Sociology focuses into the social nature of man.By these,we know that man is a social animal.Through sociology we get the answers of why man lives in group,community and society.It examines the relationship between indivudals and society and the impact of sociology on man.
3)Sociology studies the role of the institution in the devlepment of the individuals :Through sociology ,that scientific study of the great social institutions and the relations of the individuals to each is being made.Sociology reads these institution and their role in the development of their individuals and suggest suitable measures from re-streangthing them with a view to enable them to serve the individuals better.
4)Sociology improves our understanding of society and increases the power of social actions:The science of society assists an individual to understand itself,his capacities,talents and limitations .Knowledge of society ,social groups,social institution,associations ,their functions e.t.c.helps us to lead an effective social life.
5)Sociology plays an important role in the solutions of social problems :The present social problems opf teh world can be solved only through scientific study of…...