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Sociology and Technology

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The purpose of this analysis is to determine some of the primary issues concerning the influence of the media and technology in post-modern American society. We know that the media is a prevalent and powerful force in contemporary society and that technology has infiltrated the everyday lives of most Americans. In this analysis I will examine the impacts of media and technological saturation through an exploration of my own media usage habits. After a 72-hour period in which I will not use my media/technological electronics, I will define what I see as the prevalent issues surrounding present-day American reliance on media and technology as a source of information, as well as a method of understanding the world. Included is a discussion of the conflict theory and its perception of the ways in which the bourgeoisie and elite politicians control and oppress the proletariat through utilization of media and technology as well as a brief overview of the class-dominance theory of the social media. I will explore some of the methods by which this is done, as well as investigate some of the impacts that the media/technology have on the public, especially Narcotizing Dysfunction. I will explain in detail precisely how the media shape and influence people and society, and I will address the controversial use of electronic devices as communication tools, particularly their overuse. I shall discuss the possibility that these kinds of technologies are addictive through the employment of an experimental case study method. I plan to report on feelings that arise during the course of the experiment as well as major themes, which are uncovered during the course of the findings. Finally, I will conclude with implications of my findings and have the reader ponder the effects of social media and technology on his or her own life....

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