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Section A: Education

0 1 Explain what is meant by the term ... (2 marks)

• Meritocracy: such as equal opportunity or a system in which rewards are based on achievement/ability or similar. Partial answer: [fair rewards] • Immediate gratification: wanting rewards now, or leaving school as soon as possible to get a job, or similar. • Cultural capital: the values, etc that the middle class transmit to their children or that confer advantage in the education system. • Compensatory education: additional educational opportunities/resources directed at deprived or under-achieving pupils. • Cultural deprivation: a lack or deficit of values (or of norms, attitudes, skills or knowledge). Partial answer [immediate gratification / a lack of culture] • Vocational education: relating to a career or specific work roles. • Ethnocentric curriculum: the subjects taught in school being biased towards one particular culture.

One mark for a partially satisfactory answer.

02 Suggest three ways/reasons ... (6 marks)

Two marks for each of three appropriate ways. One mark will be awarded where there is a partially appropriate answers.

Marxists see school as being similar to the world of work: • A hierarchy of authority • Fragmentation of work/learning • Extrinsic rewards • Based on competition • Alienation • Status differences.

Boys’ educational under-achievement: • Lack of male teacher role models • Feminisation of assessment • Boys’ poorer literacy • Laddish subcultures • Decline of traditional ‘male’ jobs.

Educational policies that may have contributed to social class differences in achievement: • The tripartite system/ the eleven-plus exam/Butler Act/1944 Act • Streaming • Marketisation • Private schooling • Fees for higher education.

Note: Award...

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