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Sociology of Sport

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PHSE 206: Sociology of sport Essay 2B: Media representation of sport and its connection on societal power. Sean Masters 9066415 DUE: Friday 3rd October, 2014. WORD COUNT: 1508

Society comes in many different forms. Individuals of society attempt to be seen as being more successful, powerful and dominant over others. This is closely followed with how sport is perceived, played and based around. A competitive nature to out think your opponent to attain glory as an individual, as a team or as a country. The popularity of the sporting culture and the impact it has on our lives, gives responsibility for the new sporting era with experiencing and filtering sport through media. Giving another whole diverse range of how we perceive not only sport but athletes and teams competing.

Modern era sporting and recreational activities are important in the New Zealand sporting society. As young adolescents grow up building the basic fundamentals associated with sport and continue to do this as they get older. In the active New Zealand survey, key findings released that in 2007/2008 79% of New Zealanders once per week were physically active (NZ, 2008). New Zealand have always had a high abundance in individuals participating in sport, that can contribute to the significant creation of the media- sports complex in New Zealand (Falcous, 2005). For example, back in the 1970’S technology in media sport was just beginning but already a crucial component in broadcasting schedules (Bruce, 2007). Sport media is loaded with messages and stereotypes that can be positive and negative on individuals in the New Zealand society, having the power and ability to produce politics and create images on athletes, teams or sporting organisations that can be easily believable for any person that is involved in sport or for the normal citizen (Bruce, 2007).


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