Sociology Paper-Social Media's Impact on Society

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Final Research Paper
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5. Pages 443, 445, text, social movements. Write about Facebook, other social networking sites and their impact on society.(good and bad)
Throughout history we have gone through multiple revolutions, like the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and now the Knowledge or Information Revolution. But has the Knowledge Revolution paved the way for another revolution? It seems, more now than ever, that we are in a Communication Revolution. What with new communication technologies being created and released, almost habitually, our society finds it easier to communicate with the person of their choice at any time of the day, through whichever communicational means fits best, and no matter their location around the globe. That it is so is true, even more so now than ever through new social media sites, like Facebook. The focus of this paper identifies some of the capabilities that many of the most popular social media sites continuously update, along with the impact (both positive and negative) social media has had on society.
Before the major technological advances in communication methods, people were able to contact one another either by phone or by mail. With such inventions like email, communication has only gotten faster and easier, as time goes by. Now, social networking sites continuously release updates that not only visually enhance the overall look of their website, but improve and even increase the number of social sharing capabilities. According to Darcy Leutkemeyer, “today, four out of five active internet users maintain at least one social media profile” (Leutkemeyer, 2012). Globalization has progressed at an even faster rate due tothis. The array of social capabilities in social networks is growing and it’s some of these capabilities added to some social networking websites that…...