Sociology and the Study of Society

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Sept 20th
Sociology Readings (Week 1)

Chapters 1 (Sociology and the study of Society)

In The Chapter
- What is sociology and is it worth studying
- What do we mean by "society"
- How do sociologists actually study social behaviour?
- Why are there different and sometimes conflicting theories about how societies work?


- The social world affects us in all behaviours including the most personal and private of human behaviours, suicide.
- Sociologists foccus on general patterns or regulatories in certain behaviours in which my be caused or cause things.
- Sociogists observe statistics and base theories off such stats
- Society is the term generally used as the term that describes are social structure
- To have a society there are certain structures that are found that include higher and lower ranks
- There are many different social groups found in societies (cool kids, nerds, jocks, fashion, sports ext...O)
- A Major goal of sociology is to study past patterns to detect the current strains, and within limits, to predict the future direction of social change
- Frenchmen Auguste Comte was one of the earliest social theorists to try and apply scientific principles to social analysis. He laid out many of the basic tenets for the social science that remain valid to the present day.
- Sociologists believe that all information should be examined by the critical eye. It is always wise to consider where the information came from, what methods were used, how the research was funded, and how the research is being presented.
- Philosophers try and answer these big questions. Is this a just world? How did things get to be this way? Can the world be changed? What can we expect in the future?
- Very few thinkers have changed the course of history as decisively as Marx. Today Marx is once again very much a thinker for the twenty - first…...