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1- Women are overrepresented in the political arena in most parts of the world.
2-One of the objectives of Ch.5 of text written by Handelman is ‘To understand many opportunities existing for women to have more educational higher rate of literacy than men.
3-The consequences of gender inequality and exploitation are very limited.
4- The Victorian values of the nineteenth century expanded the role of women in the work place and in politics.
5- The gender gap expands when a country develops and the economy grows.
6- In parts of Asia there are more positive signs that increased education that has enabled poorer urban women to secure better paid jobs. The situation is better for lower and upper class women not middle class women. They have educational and occupational opportunities that are comparable to those of men with the same social status.
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7- Commercialization of production techniques robbed women of their specialized labor functions which, in turn, increased their political power in the short term.
8- It should be noted that the restoration of Brazilian democracy had the effect of mobilizing women at a higher level. Middle class women became more involved in national politics consolidating the ties they already had with the urban poor.
9- Cuba has the worst record of trying to maintain gender equality in politics, but women are still overrepresented in the top ranks of political leadership. It remains a fact that traditional cultural values concerning gender roles are dramatically have changed.
10- Women enjoy less equality in the advanced democracies of the West. This is particularly true of countries with high literacy rates, education, and industrialization.
11. In ch.8 of text written by Handelman ‘The underlying causes and theories of revolutionary change have been examined in detail.
12- Even…...