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Importance of the Society
With the establishment of the American Pomological Society, a new era dawned on the science of fruit culture on this continent. The spirit that animated Van Mons, Knight, Noisette, Esperen, Bivort, and other savants of Europe, reached our shore and spread its benign influence across our continent; and wherever the school, the church, or the foot of American civilization has found a home, there our fruit-culture has been seen to follow as the handmaid of refinement, health and domestic comfort. This enterprise has now awakened a zeal through our borders which was never before known in the annals of pomologieal science. Strange, indeed, that it should be left for us of this new world to establish the first great National Society for its promotion - a society which embraces in its organization the largest area and the most varied climate and soil of the globe, where almost all fruits may be grown with success.
The progress of fruit culture in our land is indeed wonderful. To encourage this by a cordial spirit of intercourse, to elicit and disseminate correct information in regard to the fruits of our vast territory, and to direct, control and advance this most important branch of terraculture, were the objects in view; and thus to establish a pomology for America which shall endure long after its founders shall have passed from the earth.
Few are aware of the powerful influences which this association has exerted and is exercising on the pomology of our country. Its organization covers our entire continent, and its importance and usefulness is everywhere, both at home and abroad, highly appreciated and acknowledged. No event in the history of pomologieal science during the present century has been fraught with such beneficent results as those which have transpired since the founding of our association. This institution, now in the…...