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Able Camacho
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Fall 2012
How would you describe your inner mind? crazy? genius? They say that both are two sides of the same side. Through my experiences, I shape the world around me, developing a unique perspective from my worldview. When it comes to how I perceive reality I just summarize it in these six concepts: culture, meaning, self, self-fulfilling prophecy, and scripts, and self-serving bias. My culture defines me down to my very genetic core. It explains why I drive the way I do, how I talk, what is socially acceptable, why I react to things the way I do , why I attend LIU, etc.
My culture gives me a set of ideas to live by. The influence of my culture is a major driving force of who I am. My culture gives me meaning and it represents how I interpret symbols throughout my life, for example when I see a Christmas tree I think of family, and opening up presents early in the morning. While others who see could be from a whole different culture and wouldn’t understand the context of why we do what we do. Our culture gives us a script in life based on our knowledge from the past. My script in life was my parents, they would guide me in the right direction by pushing me to aspire in whatever I did and they were supportive of me and of my choices, as they still are. They also held me accountable for my poor choices and disciplined me for unacceptable behavior. Lord knows I got a lot of beatings. They passed down their guidance to me to pass it on to future generations. This is how our culture thrives and lives on through us.
My inner being is described by the concept of self, which consists of my personality, and how I view my reality. In my reality everything is based on my attitude which can be positive or even possibly negative. If I think that I’m going to do awful on a test, I do awful on the test. My mind set has a huge impact in…...