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Professor Swift Soc 35

Gay Donor, Gay Dad ?

In our society today our family dynamic has changed very much, and has come a long

way. As of right now in 2012 we have the most diverse families such as ; two Moms, two Dads,

One mother , one Father, father and mother, and interracial couples as well. In the article Gay

donor, Gay Dad? It related a lot to what we were taught in class about aspects of families and the

sociology of the family. Sociology of the family is the systematic study of a family, how they

live? Who does the parenting? Who does household chores, occupations, and much more. In this

article it talks about two same sex parents who are seeking a gay male to donate his sperm so

they can raise a family. It relates a lot to what we were taught in class because we discussed in

class about same sex marriages and relationships, and would it be difficult for the kid to be raised

with two mommies or two daddies. In the article it also discusses who does the diaper changing

and takes care of the kids most of the time. In class we spoke about parenting and sometimes

there are women who are just single mothers and do all of the work, and vice versa with fathers.

In our society today there are so many different aspects to what one may call a “family”, and by

that I mean that one child who does have two mommies or two daddies, or just one may love it

and be fine with the life we live. In our society today I think that we are slowly adapting to other

ideas of a family besides the “nuclear family” and are beginning to become more open minded.

This journalist who wrote this article looks at the sociology of their family he studies who spends

time with kid, who does the diaper changing, and the different structures in how to raise a kid.

In our lives today families in our societies are being…...