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Clarissa Mills
Investigate a Social Issue – Part 1
Professor Jonathan Loessin
Introduction to Sociology

Society has many different views on sexuality in today’s world. Human beings are “social animals”, and their habits, desires, hopes, fears, and beliefs are shaped by the various societies into which they are born. Society also sees this as the same with sexual attitudes and behaviors. People are born with a certain potential for sexual expression, but this potential can be realized in a many different ways. Human sexuality and language are also comparable on a general level and can be examined for their collective implications. In most societies the meaning of sex, same as the meaning of anything else is revealed by religion. This has always been the case in societies of the past, and even in the modern, secular societies the sexual standards often remain tied to the older religious doctrines. There has been no doubt that the sexual standards of our own society are still being influenced by the judeo- Christian heritage.
In all societies the obvious biological difference in sexuality is also between men and women. This difference is used as a justification for forcing them into different social roles which limit and shape their attitudes and behavior. No society is content with the natural difference of sex, but each insists on adding to it a cultural difference of gender. In today society it is not enough for a man to be a male; he also has to appear masculine. Same as for a woman, in addition to being female she must also be feminine. The contrast between men and women has been increased and accentuated; it is usually taken as a further manifestation of biological differences which confirm the need for different social roles. Masculinity and femininity are just gender qualities which are developed in response to social…...