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1. Children act 1989: This act was put into place to protect and makes the law simple in dealing with children. It was seen as a wakeup call to dealing with children, it also gave clear information to any one working with children regarding what their duties should include and how they should deal with other professionals in case an allegation arises about the child’s welfare. The guidance was called working together to safeguard children 1999, in one of the articles, number 47, it says the local authorities has a right to investigate any case where they may feel the child is in serious harm or danger. It was then rewritten in 2004 as up until 2003 it was clear that people that were working with young people and children were still not being protected and being left vulnerable. This was highlighted at the death of Victoria Climbe at the hands of her carers, her death was then resulted into an independent enquiry. This was called the laming report 2003as this criticised the protection of children in society, this laming report resulted in a green paper called ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’ which in turn led to the new written act.

2. Children act 2004: This act introduced the children services and the introduction of children directors, it also promotes multi agencies working together/ social services (the police, NHS and education services) to ensure and protect that every child stays safe from harm and also a new common assessment framework to assist agencies in identifying welfare needs.

3. Education Act 2002: This act is to keep children safe and free from harm and also to prevent people who pose a threat or harm from working with children (e.g. checking their DBS is up to date.) It also states that children are kept safe, it also states that a child protecting policy procedures are made available on the school website to parents and students. It also...

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