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A great hero has died, Oliver Cromwell Lord protector of England. This well-known legend died at the age of 59 in Whitehall, London. Cromwell sadly died of Malaria and will be remembered for thousands or millions of years, never to be forgotten.
Cromwell was born in Huntingdon on 25 April 1599, to Robert Cromwell and Elizabeth Steward. Oliver's parents had ten children, Oliver, the fifth child, was the only boy to survive infancy. He was baptised on 29 April 1599 at St John's Church and attended Huntingdon Grammar School. He went to learn at Sidney Sussex college, Sidney. Then a recently founded college with a Puritan culture. He left in June of the year 1617 without taking any degree.
Cromwell then married Elizabeth and had nine children, 3 of whom have died at a very young age and one of whom is a well-known man, Richard Cromwell, he was his father's successor as Lord protector.
Oliver became a Member of Parliament for Huntingdon in the Parliament of 1628–1629. He contributed little at this stage until Charles I took the throne and the civil war took place. This is where Oliver showed his true skills as a military commander, and also where he showed how gifted he was at being a military commander. He did so much at this stage, introducing the commonly-used military rank system which is still in use today, showing how good of a PM he was and showing all other talents he had.

to the left: Cromwell in his early days as a PM and military commander.

The New Model Army was possibly the greatest thing introduced by this man. The ranking system introduced by Cromwell is currently still in use all around the world and it is something that many thank Cromwell for.
The invasion of Ireland in 1649-1650 may be seen as a massacre or something that let Cromwell's name down, which is only partly true. He succeeded in a way, which was what Oliver wanted as he grew up in hatred and fear of the Irish Catholics. This is because he has been told of the 'innocent blood' they've 'dipped their hands in', Cromwell remains a hated figure in Ireland.
Oliver Cromwell, a Great historical figure must be forever known as a great man as he caused so much good to England and ended the reign on Charles I.…...

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