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Introduction to Philosophy
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Free Will vs. Determinism

Socrates: “What is the definition of determinism?”

Maria: “It, the theory or doctrine that acts of will and occurrences in nature or social or psychological phenomena are usually caused by preceding events or natural laws?

Socrates: “What is the definition of free will?”

Maria: “Free will is a voluntary choice or decision, freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or divine intervention, humanity has the freedom of choice, since our choices are ours in the first place, although they must have an explanation.”

Socrates: “Do you agree that every event has an explanatory cause?”

Maria: “Yes I would like to think that some situations do not hold warrant explanations, every event does have an explanatory cause, and how do we explain the events and how they come about they just don’t happen by chance”

Socrates: “How do we define events?”

Maria: “Events are things that happen such as natural disasters, births death and weddings”

Socrates: “How do you define explanatory cause?”

Maria: “If what you’re asking determines whether or not there is an explanation for why something happened that led to a specific effect it is an event like when you have a baby and then a shower for the baby.”

Socrates: “Would you agree that every choice or event would have an explanatory cause?”

Maria: “Yes, I would like to believe that sometimes some choices or events are random leading to free will.”

Socrates: “How do you define human choices, How do you define human event, are they different?’’

Maria: “Human choices are the options, power, right or liberty to choose, human events are occurrences or happenings at a determinable time and place with or without the participation of human agents, I would believe them to…...

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