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Arms and Posture

Posture Drill- get positioned so that the stride foot will land about three feet in front of the wall or net. Start about 50 percent effort and throw the ball into the net or wall about head high or slightly above with a rubber ball. If posture is straight up and the pitcher does not miss the desired target low, the ball will ricochet off the wall or net and fly backward over the head. If the pitcher bends forward, she will be unable to perform this drill consistently with any success.

Posture Drill- Take a swimming noodle and the coach or parent will stand to the left side of the pitcher and place it behind near her left shoulder when she gets into open position. This will be a reminder for the pitcher to keep front shoulder closed.

Speed drill- The pitcher pitches a predetermined number of pitches, driving with her back leg through normally and stay in tune with other mechanics.

Drive foot drill- Pitching from a pitcher’s balance beam can help by forcing the pitcher to find a way to balance, thus calling the correct toe-to-heal mechanics.

Stride drill- knowing the natural stride of the pitcher; place a rope in front of her at about three-quarters the full distance of her stride. The rope is 4 to 5 inches off the ground.

Triple and double circles- the pitcher kneels on one kneels on one knee close to a net or fence. She makes arm circle three times in a row as fast as she can before releasing the ball and tries to become faster with each circle. She then does double circles and then single circles with the same amount of energy.

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