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Hien Truong
Phone: 0449112609.
Address: 9 McIver Place, Kensington, VIC 3031, Australia.
Nationality: Vietnamese.
Marital status: married.
Date of Birth: 05/01/1982.


I have over 8 year experience in software development and Java development area. With a solid knowledge on OOP and Java Enterprise development, I can adapt to large scale projects in a shortest time.

Also, I usually work with over 100% of my performance. My knowledge and experience can bring more business values to company.


* Programming languages: Java, C/C++/C#/Objective C.
* Script: Javascript, Adobe ActionScript (PureMVC Framework).
* Framework: Spring, Hibernate, JPA, PureMVC, Struts, SWING, EJB, JSP/Servlet, Web Services, RESTFUL Web Services, J2EE.
* Web application server: IBM Websphere, Tomcat, JBoss.
* Operation System: Linux (Ubuntu,Suse, Redhat, CentOS), Windows, MacOS.
* Versioning tools: Maven, Subversion, CVS, Microsoft SourceSafe.
* DBMS: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server, DB2, MySQL.
* Methodology: SCRUM Agile.
* IBM FileNet: Installation, application development.
* IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, MS Visual Studio 2010.
* Sharepoint: MS Sharepoint Administrator 2010.


* Bachelor of Science, Software Technology, Ho Chi Minh Industrial University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2003.
* Bachelor of Arts, Information Management Major, University of Economics HoChiMinh, Vietnam, 2009


* Sun Certified Java Programming 5.0 (SCJP 5.0), 2007.
* Sun Certified Web Component Developer 5.0 (SCWCD 1.4), 2007.
* Sun Certified Business Component Developer 5.0 (SCBCD 5.0), 2009.
* Sun Certified Developer For Java Web Service (SCDJWS), 2008.
* IBM FileNet Business Process Management 3.5 Certificate, 2008.
* IBM…...