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Software Failure

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4th August, 2014. .


Take Away CAT 2.

a) What are the tasks and activities involved in the development, integration and testing of information system? (10 Marks)
b) What entails Implementation and Disposition Phases of the system development? (4 Marks)
c) Discuss the differences between Implementation and Disposition phases based on tasks and activities. (10 Marks)
d) What are the activities associated with the operations and maintenance phase of systems development. (8 Marks)
e) Identify and discuss the types of maintenance. (8 Marks)
f) Compare and contrast roles and responsibilities during development phase and integration and testing phases of systems development. (10 Marks)

Lecturer: Nick Gachui. Date Due: August 2014. a) What are the tasks and activities involved in the development, integration and testing of information system?
i. Development
 Code and Test Software
Code each module according to established standards.
 Integrate Software
Integrate the software units and software components and test in accordance with the integration plan. Ensure that each module satisfies the requirements of the software at the conclusion of the integration activity.
 Conduct Software Qualification Testing.
Conducting qualification testing in accordance with the qualification requirements for the software item. Ensure that the implementation of each software requirement is tested for compliance. ii. Integration
 Conduct System Qualification Testing
Ensures that the implementation of each system requirement is tested for compliance and that the system is...

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