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Software Proposal

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Fitness Mobile APP Development Proposal
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Date of Issue: 18/3/2016

Table of Contents 1. Project Overview 3
1.1 Introduction and Scope management 4
1.1.2 Project Introduction 5
1.1.3 Project scope 6
1.2 Project organization 6
1.3 Management Subplan 7
1.3.1 Objectives and priorities 7
1.3.2 Assumptions 7
1.3.3 Dependencies 7
1.3.4 Constraints 7
1.4 Risk management plan 8
1.4.1 Handling the Project Emergency 9
1.4.2 Risk management process 10
1.4.3 Risk Management Organizational Responsibilities 11
1.5 Controlling and monitoring mechanisms 12
1.5.2 Communication plan 12
1.5.2 Communication plan 12
1.5.3 Staffing plan 12
1.5.4 Budget 12
2 Technical subplan 13
2.1 PBS 13
2.2 WBS 14
2.3 Network chart 14
3 Project summary 15

1 Project Overview
This part of the “ OneFit ” Proposal provides an introduction of the purpose, scope, organization and objectives of the project for which the Plan has been written, the project assumptions , dependencies and constraints, a list of project deliverables, a summary of the project schedule and budget, a discussion of the risks and the plan for evolving the “ OneFit ” monitor system. 1.1 Introduction and Scope management 1.2.1 Project Introduction
Project name is “ OneFit ”, and it is a monitor system, which can connected with different kinds of “OneFit” trackers and helping people to record their healthy data, e.g. Heart Rate, Sleeping Rate, Steps of the day, the frequency of doing exercise, etc. 1.2.2 Project Scope
There are the main steps in scope management process. * Inviting some expertise who can write the scope management plan. * Involving stakeholders to the meeting to discuss the scope management. * Collecting the...

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