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A. Which of the following possible causes of fire is the least problematic? A. Smoking cigarettes near to inflammable substances B. Faculty electrical installations C. Keeping matches in the office D. Machinery overheating B. What kind of routine task might involve an electrical hazard? A. Fitting or removing a plug B. Switching a computer on at the mains C. Walking on a carpet that builds up static electricity D. Fitting the paper tray on the copier C. A firm installing a large new computer system at its head office with a large number of workstations connected to the centeral processor. The health and safety officer has expressed concern that the large amount of cabling required for the system will create a safety hazard, due to the risk that staff will tread on or trip over cables.
What is the most appropriate way of dealing with this hazard? A. Reducing the number of workstations B. Putting the workstations physically closer together C. Putting the workstations physically further a part D. Using under – floor cabling D. Which of the following basic safety checks should be made each time a desk to computer is watched on i. The mouse should be properly connected to the computer ii. There should be no spilled liquid on the desktop, such as a spilled cup of coffee iii. Any extension cable used to connect the computer to the electricity mains is not lying across any passage way in the office A. (i) and (ii) only B. (i) and (iii) only C. (ii) and (iii) only D. (i), (ii) and (iii) E. When you switch on your computer ,the display screen shows a message informing you that the computer c annot detect a connection to the mouse . You need to check the connection. What is the recommended first step you should take, as a safety precaution? A. Test the connection by pushing it

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