Solar Power Pump

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A solar powered pump is a pump running on electricity generated by photo voltaic. Unlike a normal pump, solar power pump being powered by the renewable electricity generated from the sun. Basically, a solar power pump consists of 4 parts which is the actual fluid pump, the controller, the engine which usually powered by electric motor and the energy source being powered by the sun.
Dr. Mohd. Azree named this project as solar power pump and being assigned to all group leader of the class. The main objective of this project is to select a solar power pump by identifying whether the existing of pump is really ideal or need to be replaced. Actually, there is already had existing solar power pump build at BH building and in order to achieve our main objective, early research need to be done about the existing solar power pump which lead by Mr.Halil. Besides that, details calculation will be done in order to approve the existing pump suitable or not. Discussion about the project will also be done and some recommendation will be list out if the existing pump is not suitable. Lastly, I hope that this project will achieve the target and will bring benefit to the future research in solar power pump area.

This project serves the purpose of being a validation to the existing solar powered water pumping system installed in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). The solar powered pump is an effort of UNITEN’s collaboration with an agency that are investing in providing the solar powered water pumping system in rural areas in eastern Malaysia namely Sabah and Sarawak where electricity availability is very scarce. In practice, the pump will be used to suck water into a storage tank from a nearby water source. The pump in turn will be powered by a solar panel which captures the solar energy from the sun. The water pumping system will be built by materials that…...