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Solar Tree

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Solar tree reliable and will try to make them gain more energy.

2 Benefits
Solar trees deliver the following benefits:
• Build awareness and interest in solar technology, thereby promoting its adoption
• Provide shade and a meeting places
• Differentiate properties, especially those with other hidden green building measures

3 Origin and Progress
Unique sculptural creations for a single sites began to appear in 1998 (e.g., the 7 kW tree in Gleisdorf, Austria) or earlier. A number of variants of solar trees have been conceived, not all of them realized in installations. Locations have included roadways, public areas in cities, schools and universities, office buildings, science museums, and more. Recently, designers and manufacturers have introduced solar trees as products, designed to deliver the benefits of solar trees in a repeatable way to more places. Examples include Ross Lovegrove’s solar tree which incorporated seating, lighting, and circular groupings of photovoltaic cells, Envision Solar solar parking canopy specifically trademarked Solar Tree, and Spotlight Solar’s line of architectural structures.

Solar tree in Gleisdorf, Austria

The Solar Tree blends art and solar energy technology in a sculptural expression. Solar trees are both artistic and functional clean energy machines. The term Solar Tree has been used to describe a variety of structures incorporating solar energy technology on a single pillar (like a tree trunk), and has become a generic term describing this category of aesthetic solar systems, within the larger realm of solar artwork.

4 Examples

Intent and Context

Example 1: Original Solar Tree Artworks

Solar trees are intended to bring visibility to solar technolA number of sculptural structures which inogy and to enhance the landscape and architecture they corporate solar photovoltaic cells have been...

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