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Solar Water Heaters

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Journal of AIDS and HIV Research Vol. 4(5), pp. 113-120, May 2012 Available online at DOI: 10.5897/JAHR11.019 ISSN 2141-2359 ©2012 Academic Journals

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Disclosure of information by patients about HIV/AIDS infection in Northeastern Thailand
Jaruwan Kownaklai1*, Darunee Rujkorakarn2, Weena Tanwattananon3 and Phoebe D. Williams4

Faculty of Nursing, Division of Family Nursing, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham, Thailand, 44150. 2 Faculty of Nursing, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham, Thailand, 44150. 3 Infection Clinic, Roi Et Hospital, Roi Et Province, Thailand, 45000. 4 University of Kansas School of Nursing, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, 66160.
Accepted 6 July, 2011

Few studies have focused on the processes in which patients reveal their HIV infection to others. This study sought to understand these processes. Thus, the research questions were: (a) What were their thoughts about the moment when patients learned that they were infected? (b) To whom and when did patients disclose that they were infected? (c) How did they disclose the information? (d) How much or what information did they disclose, and what were the reactions of those who were informed? (e) Why did they reveal the information? The descriptive study was done using a convenience sample of 45 patients with HIV/AIDS at a hospital clinic in northeastern Thailand. The results showed that 67% told a family member, usually their mother, within a day of being told about their HIV diagnosis from a medical staff. Most patients (65%) communicated the diagnosis face to face; only 4% used the telephone. Most patients disclosed the cause and source of infection; some also disclosed the location and time of infection and the current treatment. About half chose to tell family because family would likely take care of them when their symptoms...

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