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Solar is a company founded in Denmark. Solars business areas are within the electrical, pluming and ventilation systems. They are based in Kolding. From here the Executive Board establish the overall strategies and objectives. Furthermore, there are 7 subsidiaries spread across multiple countries. The countries are: Germany, Faroe Islands, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Finland and Sweden.
The company works from an idea that the company wants to be market leaders in their current core markets while they also in the future want to become market leaders in new markets.
Solar's current situation is analyzed and evaluated including the advantages of a market development for the Baltics.
In addition, we asked a series of share issues, which simultaneously has been considered. This has been done through the relevant theory and analysis.
The first issue is, how is Solar's internal situation, according to an expansion to the Baltics? Our analysis explains that Solar has the capital to make acquisitions in emerging markets without losing degrees of freedom. In addition, it can be seen from the SWOT analysis the company has many strengths which also can be taken advantage of in a possible expansion. These strengths are the outbound logistics, service and their vast experience with expansion into new markets. Furthermore, the company is working hard to create and maintain their unique product and differentiate themselves from competitors through their excellent service. Therefore, the focus, and work should be on the strategy "differentiation".
Another part of the task is to explain and analyze Solar's external position in relation to the Baltic market. The Pestle analysis, Porter's 5 Forces, the OT part of SWOT and figures on GDP, inflation and unemployment was used. Given these factors, was given that the Baltic market is certainly a market with opportunities. The…...