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Sold in War

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“SOLD IN WAR: Women Trafficking and Armed Conflicts

A universal attribute of any society, tribe, or nation is its capacity and obvious willingness to wage wars. Whether or not to vanquish, to colonize, to protect, to develop, or to with ease set up a symbolic superiority, a nation’s use of military actions performs an primary function within the definition of that nation’s identification. Whatever the marketed purpose of a war, nonetheless, it is finally a social occasion that regularly allows for the dying and suffering of each warring parties and civilians and for the exploitation of thousands of men and women, children and adults on a grand scale. The chaos and turmoil of wartime seems to carry out the worst qualities in human beings.
In an article published in the University of St. Thomas Law Journal it highlights that a major tenet of the laws of war is that “civilians, and women and children in particular, are to be protected from the trials and suffering of war to the fullest extent possible”.
Therefore, it is ultimately the task of each military and its members to make sure their behaviors are consistent with the specifications in International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Even though the complete avoidance of civilian deaths and suffering is not realistic, it is the responsibility of an armed force to not intentionally target civilians and to consider operations in terms of the concepts of distinction, military necessity and proportionality. By their very nature and status, civilians are vulnerable to the atrocities of war, but that vulnerability should never be taken advantage of by offering as an excuse the argument that in times of conflict, no one is safe and suffering must be expected. Suffering and death in war are certainly anticipated; unnecessary violence and the targeted abuse of vulnerable populations with the purposes of exhibiting...

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