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Solution for Medical Care for and Aging Population

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Healthy Aging
Communicate and convey the news that “it’s never too late.” Older adults can gain considerably from practicing healthy lifestyles. Governmental body can boost this by, managing information campaigns, and address seniors by using broadcast or correspondence for community widespread communication. In addition display health-enhancing actions practiced by senior legislators; supporting the state’s Senior Olympic Games; and promoting and participating in Older Americans’ Month in May each year, to encouraging state and local entities to provide volunteer opportunities for older adults. Volunteerism is a proven component of good health and quality of life by providing funding to support community-based programs that are collaborations between health care and social service agencies. The most successful aging in place strategies recognize and build on integrated health and social services, provide incentives and guidance to local planning boards and other bodies to incorporate community and housing design features that help achieve “livable communities” for older adults. The way this is work is by increasing growth opportunities by ways of moving or transportation, increasing advancement, and regular entertainment. Such as including common design features in new home construction to increase accessibility, and safety for all household members, from kids to aging adults, and people with disabilities. Which includes promoting pedestrian safety and safe driving among older adults; developing walkable communities work to eliminate the institutional bias in Medicaid by providing funding for home and community based services. Provide leadership to address end-of-life and palliative care issues, including pain management and expanded use of advance planning and directives. Learn more about health promotion programs with evidence based track records of success....

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...Health Care Reform Project, Part I Team HCS 440 Class University of Phoenix Online March 5, 2012 Health Care Reform Project, Part I Within the United States are many concerns about health care economics. Health care costs are continuing to rise and it contributes to the impact of providing the older population with medical care. “The aging of the U.S. population is translating into many more visits to doctors' offices and hospitals, a reality that is taxing weak spots in the health-care system” (The Associated Press, 2008, para. 1. Within this paper, the economic impact of providing the older population with medical care has on the provision of health care services to the public will be addressed. Also articles that support medical care to the older population will be addressed along with possible solutions to the economic impact of providing medical care to an older population. Economic Impact of Providing Medical Care to an Aging Population The world’s population is continuing to age, and the older people are the more likely he or she to seek medical care. The larger proportion of the hospital in-patient case load is represented by the older population. The older population has more complications and doctors have to perform more tests and procedures on them. According to Cauchon (2008), “the cost of health care and retirement benefits of an aging population threatens to bankrupt the......

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...The Health Care Reform Project Michele Anne Campbell, Nadine Avelar, Melissa Bishop, Patricia Estrada, Ora Taylor HCS/440 June 22, 2014 Caryn Callahan The Health Care Reform Project A current health care economic issue is medical care for an aging population. Because of the baby boomers, the current population of aging Americans is increased from previous years. This is a growing trend that shows no obvious signs of slowing down. With each generation, more people are born and each generation will continue to have a larger population than its predecessor. The result is an increase in the need for funding the medical care for this aging population. We currently have Medicare and Social Security, but just like every financial source, it has its limits. It has been predicted that by the time the baby boomers grandchildren reach the age for retirement, there will be a lack of or absence of the resources necessary to fund their Medicare and Social Security benefits. There does not seem to be any resolutions to this issue. The only possible solution to this current issue is prevention. There are two different types of prevention. The first is preparation for the financial deficit toward health care for this group is a pre-meditated and sustained savings plan. Most people save their money for retirement, but not for medical care. The reality is that people spend more money on health care during later years that on vacation or retirement. Today’s retirees are often still......

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...Health care for the aging population Baby boomers are living longer and longer; by 2030 one n five Americans will be over age sixty five, and the healthcare system is just beginning to feel the burden (Matthews, 2013). Healthcare for the aging population will have to change for the better for them since so many elders are living to unexpected ages from the past. Doctors must prepare and rethink every aspect of care for the older population, even rethinking the way there going to die(Matthews, 2013). On the other hand the country has to figure out how to pay for this extra care and how to support the older population. As the elder population grow and grow there will be a higher demand for geriatrician; geriatrician will help the elders prepare to live a healthier and longer life on there on. That leads into the decline in care givers; and how some elderly does not want to be a burden on their family they have to rely on visiting nurse to come provide them with the assistance they need or even get put in an assisted living home so they can receive the care around the clock that they need. This builds more and more medical expenses for the seniors that they can not really afford. An elderly expense is double the amount versus an individual that is under the age of sixty five; with all of the expenses from the elderly the younger generation is starting to feel the pressure of cost in healthcare going up. Furthermore, that leads into how we can come up with a solution......

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...Over the next twenty years, there will be an enormous increase for adults 65 and over. This elderly population will definitely need primary, acute and long term care. In comparison with today’s 12% it has been predicted that Americans who reach 65 and older will be one in five. In this paper, I will discuss the challenges and issues about the aging adult population in America. Due to this expected growth of the adult population over the next 50 years, there will be a great impact on the health care system in regards to the supply and demand of health care professionals. Many of the elderly populations are living longer, some are continuing to work by reducing their hours of work and some are expected to retire and the need for health care services will increase. The healthcare workforce must be equipped, trained and prepared to provide services for this aging population (Institute of Medicine, 2008). People born between 1946 and 1964 are called the baby boomers, has an enormous effect on the health care system in America. The rising cost of health care is spiraling out of control, increasing the cost of hospitalization for the elderly patient population. As the century progresses the elderly population will increase to 54 million by 2020, this would equal 20% of the U.S. population increasing from today’s 12%. The elderly population will need more health care services and is more likely to use multiple medications, suffer from chronic physical mental......

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...Supply and Demand Solution Summary Economics is the “the scientific study of the choices made by individuals and societies in regard to the alternative uses of scarce resources which are employed to satisfy wants” (Rodda, 2004, p. 1). One basic principle of economics is supply and demand, which is considered the most useful concept in economics. The theory of supply and demand is a powerful tool in predicting future behavior. Supply and demand is two key concepts for health care. Problem Baby Boomers make up about 78 million Americans. According to Sanderson (2010) “they account for 90% of nursing homes, 38% of emergency medical responses, 34% of prescription, 35% of hospital stays, and 26% of physician office visits” (p. 2). The Baby Boomers will need health care so the demand for employees will continue to increase over the next decade and beyond (Gigane, 2012). “The Baby Boomer generation is aging and will need more health care support (demand) over the next few years. “Nurses and primary care physicians (PCP) will be needed (supply) to meet this demand. Reduction in Medicare payments leaving PCP’s scrambling to keep their practices complicate the supply chain for this increasing demand” (UOPX, 2012, para.). According to the American Hospital Association “a Boomer population that is more ethnically and racially diverse will require delivery systems and caregivers that are sensitive to cultural differences and how those differences impact care” (p. 7). The nursing......

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