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I don’t know if it is possible to sum up everything that happens to a teenager while we go through high school. Each of us is different in almost every way. Although we all experience different struggles, temptations, hardships, and lessons taught to us in life, one constant similarity can always be found. That is that we all have the light of Christ and through that light, we can all receive our Heavenly Father’s words and love constantly.
Revelation, it is a word that is thrown around a lot in conference talks, Sunday school lessons, and seminary classes. I believe revelation to literally be Heavenly Father talking to us on a personal level. In order to hear this communication, we are continuously instructed to listen for the still small voice of the Holy Ghost which is meant to tell us the way to go, but do we really listen for it? Do we know how to listen for it? If you answered no to either of these questions, then you are like I was until I was blessed with the opportunity to go through the process of recognizing and receiving revelation. Tuning in to the spirit of Heavenly Father requires a humble heart and a sacrifice of time and effort. I cannot put to words what it is like, but I can tell you how it has blessed my life, and how it will bless yours.
After school ended last year, like the rest of you, I was looking forward to a summer of not having to wake up early or go to class. On a late evening, after about a week of enjoying my summer, I remembered that I would have to wake up at 7:00 the next morning for a seminary council meeting. To be honest, this was probably the worst five or so seconds of my summer. In that short time of realization, I foresaw me waking up to a blaring alarm, hitting my head on something as I rushed to turn it off, and ultimately having to get ready for a long day of meetings that were going to be more boring than high council...

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