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Some Like It Hot

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Some like it Hot & Director Billy Wilder

Some like it hot is a movie set in the late 1920’s about two broke musicians played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon living in Chicago who accidently witness the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre and need to get far away from the gangsters who want to kill them since they are the only witnesses to the murders. The musicians decide their only chance of survival is to dress up like girls and join an all women’s jazz band en-route to Florida to get away from the mob. During the train ride they meet and get to know the other members of the band especially the main singer, sweet “Sugar Kane” played by the lead actress Marilyn Monroe. The musicians form a little crush on Sugar and all hilarity ensues. The film was made in 1958 for an estimated 2.8 million dollars and since being released on March 29th 1959 has grossed over 25 million in the USA alone and over 8 million in rentals according to

Billy Wilder who wrote, directed and produced Some like it Hot was born in Sucha Beskidzka, Malopolskie (Austria-Hungary) on June 22nd, 1906. He originally wanted to become a lawyer but abandoned that career choice to become a reporter for a Viennese newspaper. Using that experience he moved to Berlin to work for the city’s largest tabloid. Soon after he broke into films as a screenwriter in 1929 and wrote scripts for many German films until Adolph Hitler came to power in 1933. Wilder ended up immigrating to Paris, then the US and spoke no English when he arrived in Hollywood.

Brodie 2

Wilder was a fast learner and with the help of his roommate Peter Lorre, Wilder was able to break into American Films. In 1938 Wilder partnered up with Charles Brackett and the team was responsible for writing some of Hollywood’s classic comedies including Ninotchka in 1939 and Ball of Fire in 1941.

The partnership expanded into a producer-director one in 1942, with Brackett producing, and the two turned out such classics as Five Graves to Cairo (1943), The Lost Weekend (1945) (Oscars for Best Picture, Director and Screenplay) and Sunset Blvd. (1950) (Oscars for Best Screenplay), after which the partnership dissolved. (Wilder had already made one film, Double Indemnity (1944) without Brackett, as the latter had refused to work on a film he felt dealt with such disreputable characters.) Wilder's subsequent self-produced films would become more caustic and cynical, notably Ace in the Hole (1951), of course he also produced such sublime comedies as Some Like It Hot (1959) and The Apartment (1960) (which won him Best Picture and Director Oscars). In 1949 he married Audrey Young, an actress and former singer with the Tommy Dorsey band, whom he met on the set of The Lost Weekend. He retired in 1981 and later died of pneumonia on March 27th 2002.

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