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Statement of Ethics

Ethical Norms and Values for Marketers PREAMBLE
The American Marketing Association commits itself to promoting the highest standard of professional ethical norms and values for its members (practitioners, academics and students). Norms are established standards of conduct that are expected and maintained by society and/or professional organizations. Values represent the collective conception of what communities find desirable, important and morally proper. Values also serve as the criteria for evaluating our own personal actions and the actions of others. As marketers, we recognize that we not only serve our organizations but also act as stewards of society in creating, facilitating and executing the transactions that are part of the greater economy. In this role, marketers are expected to embrace the highest professional ethical norms and the ethical values implied by our responsibility toward multiple stakeholders (e.g., customers, employees, investors, peers, channel members, regulators and the host community).

As Marketers, we must: 1. Do no harm. This means consciously avoiding harmful actions or omissions by embodying high ethical standards and adhering to all applicable laws and regulations in the choices we make. 2. Foster trust in the marketing system. This means striving for good faith and fair dealing so as to contribute toward the efficacy of the exchange process as well as avoiding deception in product design, pricing, communication, and delivery of distribution. 3. Embrace ethical values. This means building relationships and enhancing consumer confidence in the integrity of marketing by affirming these core values: honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and citizenship....

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...TERM PAPER LASER, ACTION, EINSTEIN THEORY OF LASER, TYPES, APPLICATIONS IN INDUSTRY & MEDICAL FIELD SUBJECT: CURRENT, ELECTRICITY & MODERN PHYSICS SUBJECT CODE: PHY-113 SUBMITTED TO: Dr. AMRITA SAXENA SUBMITTED BY: JAGDEEP SINGH SECTION: C7802 ROLL No.:RC7802A21 REG. No.: 10804440 CONTENTS • • • • • Acknowledgement Introduction Laser action Einstein theory of laser Types of lasers 1. Based on energy level 2. Based on the material used • • • • Applications Recent discoveries Recent applications References ACKNOWLEDGEMENT For the completion of this term paper I would like to acknowledge my respected teacher Dr .AMRITA SAXENA who was always worthily helpful to help me in my queries in different aspects. I would also like acknowledge my friends who helped me a lot in the completion f this and were always there at one call. JAGDEEP SINGH INTRODUCTION The name LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Light is really an electromagnetic wave. Each wave has brightness and color, and vibrates at a certain angle, so-called polarization. This is also true for laser light but it is more parallel than any other light source. Every part of the beam has (almost) the exact same direction and the beam will therefore diverge very little. With a good laser an object at a distance of 1 km (0.6 mile) can be illuminated with a dot about 60 mm (2.3 inches) in radius. As it is so parallel it can also be focused to very......

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