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Some Ways a Parent Can Benifit from Potty Training

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Some ways a parent can benefit from potty training their children are:
Save up to $80 a month by not having to buy expensive diapers and wipes.
Run your errands and not have to carry a heavy diaper bag.
Be able to use a public restroom and not look for a changing table.
Help your child build their confidence.

Steps on knowing your child is ready for potty training:
Does your child seem interested in the potty chair or toilet, or in wearing underwear?
Can your child understand and follow basic directions?
Does your child tell you through words, facial expressions or posture when he or she needs to go?
Does your child stay dry for periods of two hours or longer during the day?
Does your child complain about wet or dirty diapers?
Can your child pull down his or her pants and pull them up again?
Can your child sit on and rise from a potty chair?

Steps to prepare for potty training:
Take your child into the bathroom with you.
Talk about the advantages of being trained: no more diaper rash, no more interruptions for diaper changing, and the pleasure of being clean and dry. Discuss training as an important stage of growing up.
Let your child practice lowering and raising training pants sometimes, or putting them on and taking them off.
Have a potty chair in the bathroom and the child might sit on it even with clothes on, while you are in the bathroom yourself, but only if he or she wants to. Don’t scare him or her to sit on the potty just have the equipment in sight so they can get familiar with it. And let the child flush the toilet for you, to help him or her get used to the noise it makes and avoid possible fear later on in the future.
Read potty training book to the child or show them movies on how potty training is done.

Potty training processes
Buy some underwear that does the child have favorite characters get it for them so they so they can be excited to wear them.
When the morning arrives or your child wakes up take off their diaper put the underwear on and tell them try to pee and let the child know to to let someone know when they need to use the potty.
Sit your child in the potty 5 or 10 minutes after they eat or drink something some kids usually have fast BM (Well my daughter does)
Ask the child constantly if they need to go to the bathroom.
Don’t get mad at the child if they have an accident they will mostly learn from their mistakes and realize they are getting wet.
Have fun things to reward the child for at least trying to make it in the potty for example make a potty chart that’s has the dates Monday- Sunday and every time the child makes it in the potty they can put a sticker on the paper. Try to make the whole potty training fun so the child will enjoy it instead of being scared.

Some techniques that I used that I have learned from class are:
Time: I had to plan when I was going to start potty training my daughter, I also spend several hours with her.
Memory: I had to remember to ask my daughter if she needed to use the bathroom, also remembering that she wasn’t using a diaper and that there will mostly be some accidents.
Thinking: I had to think of some ideas to make the potty training fun and not scary
Communicating: communicating with a child is harder than with an adult because I only understand some things she says and I needed to make sure she understood what I was telling her.
Money: If I get her off the diapers I will be able to pocket $80 a month and save.

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