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Green Living
San Francisco
Garden of Eden Complex
Problem Solving

Location/Climate The chosen city for building this green architectural apartment complex will be located in San Francisco, CA. This location is chosen by it’s mild temperatures all year long not getting too cold nor too hot. San Francisco’s weather ranges from 46 to 75 degrees. According to Wikipedia San Francisco only exceeds 75 degrees slightly from May to October. San Francisco has plenty of beaches from the Pacific Ocean. During the summer is warm but breezy from the winds off the Pacific and during the winter it does not snow. It does rain frequently from November through March, which sustains life to the environment and to creatures around in the area. San Francisco provides a great environment ideal for green economic building. It gives the perfect palate for the canvas of green building. This environment climate is ideal for benefits towards the community and residence of the complex. Climate will play a role in how the building is constructed and steps taken for energy conservation. The use of natural resources will assist in many ways such the winds off the Pacific to help cool residences off in the evening and reducing the heat palate. There will be a windmill design on the property to use natural winds from the Pacific to power the complex reducing the energy usages especially during the summer. The fact San Francisco does not have extremely harsh winters leaves open possibilities for residences to plant and grow their own food on the property using natural resources, which in return will help the environment along with feeding residences and wildlife.
The green apartment complex will house sixty to seventy-five residents with approximately thirty-five units ranging from two to three bedroom condos. This building will represent giving back in every way including the residents who live in the complex. The complex will help the environment by reduce waste usages, carbon reduction, improve health, and conserve water. The presence of the complex will add natural beauty to the neighborhood in San Francisco. Involvement from the community in the building process will allow others to see how living effects us in every way and influence others to make positive lifestyle changes. This complex will also be gear to help low-income families as well as giving a second chance on life in the most positive way. This area and city was chosen by the natural beauty of San Francisco, the major access to public transportation ranging from SF Municipal Railway to Muni Metro, and the mild climate weather; all are factors contributing to a great recipe for a ideal location of the green building. The building complex will have available options for our residents to take advantage of to continue living green long after the completion of the building such as designated areas for car-pooling, and bicycle racks. It will reduce the use of more fossil fuel transportation. Each level of the complex will have recycle areas for residents to separate their paper, plastic, and aluminum products. In every way the complex will leave long lasting impression for years to come. It will benefit the community as well as the residents. The name of the complex will be Garden of Eden, which will also include an outside garden area with benches and walkways. The outside garden area will replenish the wildlife and plant life. It will have a man made pond in the garden drawing in other species as well. Trees will also be planted in the garden area to provide natural shading for residents also helps reduce the heat palate keeping area cool. Another benefit of having the outside garden area is the trees and plants will take in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is a win-win benefit leaving a long time effect. The purpose of this building is not just for the present day but also to benefit the earth and community for decades to come in multiple ways. Everything is about reducing including carbon usages, water usages, waste usages, electrical usages, and toxic usages.
Impact on Social Structure/Economy “The term green or sustainable architecture basically means smart construction and design; it is smart for the consumer and smart for the planet.”(Kubba, pg.115). There are many ways to help reduce greenhouse gases and help the environment, but one huge way is in how we live. It is the place people spend the most time besides work or school. In order to tackle the goal of building green it has to include strategic steps to start a great plan.
Goals for building * Reduce human exposure to hazardous materials. * Maximize the use of renewable energy and materials that are sustainable harvested. * Conserve non-renewable energy and scarce materials. * Use water efficiently as possible and minimize the ecological impact of energy and material used. * Protect and restore local air, water, soils, flora, and fauna. * Encourage tenants to use bicycles, mass transit, and other alternatives to fossil-fueled vehicles. * Optimize site selection in order to preserve green space and minimize transportation impacts. * Building orientation should take maximum advantage of sunlight and microclimate. * Minimize material impact by employing green products. (Kubba,pg.116).
These steps will be vital to the process of constructing Garden of Eden complex to have long lasting effects. Incorporating solar and windmill structure into the design of the building will almost remove the dependence on electrical usages. “Green building takes into account renewable, recycled, and native building materials to minimize the adverse impact on the environment and to harmonize with their environment.”(Kubba,pg.116). Every piece of material used in the process of building will be examined accordingly to ensure all local and natural resources are used to minimizing the impact on the environment. “Select products that approved third-party or government-agency certification: Green seal, scientific certification system (SCS), EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, General services Agency, and CIWMB Recycled Content Product Directory.”(Kubba, pg.155). The paint that will be used on interior and exterior will follow the USGBC requirements.(Kubba,pg.156).
* Environmental impact is minimal, provided materials come from local resources. * They are durable and low-maintenance. * Thermal mass keep indoor temperatures stable, particularly in mild to warm climates. * They are biodegradable or reusable. * Structures can be easy to build, requiring few special skills, or tools. * If well designed, they provide pleasing aesthetics. * They are highly resistant to fire and insects. * They require no toxic treatments and do not off-gas hazardous fumes, thus are good for chemically sensitive individuals.
Every aspect of Garden of Eden complex will embrace green living allowing those around to reap the benefits along with mother earth. The outside garden with a large pond, planting/greenhouse (growing fruits/veggies), car-pooling areas, rooftop greenery, and recycled areas on every level of the complex will provide many options and choices for residents and the community to enjoy. All of these options will increase wildlife productivity, and economic awareness on mother earth. Positive influences will make for positive changes.

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