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Sony Double Life Analysis

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Sony is a brand that beliefs in creating things which captures consumers’ imaginations and enhancing their lives in the process. Their products such as the PlayStation aim to stimulate people’s senses and refresh their spirits. The Sony PlayStation delivers a message that it helps players achieve their dreams and attain fulfilment in their lives. This message is depicted in the commercial using peripheral cues that appeal to our inner fears, and it can be seen through the following frameworks.
Three Act Story Structure
Situation (Act 1)
The people featured had typical, normal day jobs and lives that were mundane and unfulfilling. The characters in the story recognises a shared humanity that the audience can relate to. People are generally afraid to be outcasts as well as feel unaccomplished in life.
Complication (Act 2)
All the characters faced the same problem that creates a single dramatic question. They feel trapped within their boring mechanical day lives which block them from fulfilling their desire to achieve great things, and they needed relief. Hence, they find the missing excitement by engaging in game play on their PlayStation after work or at night. This relieves the tension they face in the day and provides satisfaction.
Resolution (Act 3)
Although these people live a double life, they feel empowered and in control. Most importantly, by playing the PlayStation, they gain greater pride in themselves as well as greater self-esteem. As such, they are not afraid to admit they lead a double life as the PlayStation gave them a new lease of life instead.
Brand Story Framework
The Message: “Helping Dreamers Dream”
Sony creates products for all types of imagination, which stimulates the mind and senses. The PlayStation gives typical outcasts a second lease of life, and the chance to be heroes. Through the games, players are given the strength to achieve...

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