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Sony Music India

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Deepa Mani | Geetika Shah

Sony Music (India)
February 2012. Vivek Paul, Director of Digital Media Initiatives at Sony sat with Shridhar Subramaniam, President, India and Middle East, Sony Music Entertainment, in his Santa Cruz, Mumbai office and mulled over the remarkable changes that the music industry in India had witnessed over the past few years. With the rapid growth in Internet penetration and usage, technology was driving music production, access and consumption. Sales from digital platforms had surpassed sales from traditional physical formats, such as CDs and tapes. With the distribution of digital music in India largely skewed towards the telecom business, music was increasingly being accessed via mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Artists were reaching out to consumers directly through many innovative platforms, and live performances were gaining more traction. Independent (“indie”) artist business models were rising in popularity and creating further fragmentation in the market. Overall, the role of the recording company seemed to be diminishing. While some of the leading companies in the music industry were testing the waters in the digital space, new players, including technology companies, were quickly entering the market with various new platforms and services. Distribution, in the form of music streaming services and e-commerce sites, was changing the way music was being bought and consumed. As Head of Digital Media, Paul reflected on the role of Sony Music India, a large music recording company, in the new age of digital music. In spite of there being a multitude of players, he felt that very few music specialists existed in that space. In a US$1 billion mobile music market, with music copyright owners such as Sony operating in a 25-30 per cent segment, there was a huge...

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