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Sony Smartphone

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SEMESTER 2 2014/2015


Kotler et al (2014) states that marketing is about creating customer value and building profitable customer relationships. It begins with the understanding of customer needs and target markets, designing customer-driven marketing strategies and programs, building customer relationships and capturing value for the firm. This module offers students with basic understanding of the marketing theory and concepts from a global perspective and application of soft skills among them throughout the assessments and later apply them in the real world.


The course is aimed at:

▪ Providing students with fundamental knowledge about marketing concepts from a global perspective ▪ Developing or enhancing analytical thinking, problem solving and basic marketing skills ▪ Promoting the importance of teamwork ▪ Enhancing leadership skills ▪ Improving interpersonal skills


Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

▪ apply basic understanding of marketing theories and concepts into the real world of business ▪ function as an individual and produce synergy within a team ▪ communicate effectively with other profesionals and business communities; act in their capacity as a leader and manager in their inter-personal relationship, vertically and horizontally ▪ engage in life-long learning


To facilitate better understanding of the course materials, the following learning modes are adopted:

▪ Lectures, small group discussions, and case studies; ▪ Directed reading and individual research using the main text, supplementary materials, etc; and ▪...

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