Sop Chapter 1 Duties and Responsibilities

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1. GENERAL: All hand receipt holders and supply personnel should be familiar with the five types of supply responsibility. Responsibility results from the possession of property, or the command or supervision of others who have possession of property. Army personnel may incur responsibility for the care and custody of government property, even if that person has not signed for it. Responsibility is based on possession of the property or the scope of the individual’s employment or duty.

2. PURPOSE: The purpose of this chapter is to familiarize hand receipt holders and supply personnel with the four different types of supply responsibility. This is particularly important when assessing liability against individuals for lost, damaged, or destroyed equipment. The different forms of supply responsibility addressed at this appendix are applicable to all military personnel.


A. Command Responsibility: The obligation of a Commander to ensure all Government property within his or her command is properly used and cared for, and that proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided. Command responsibility is inherent in command and cannot be delegated. It is evidenced by assignment to a command position at any level and includes-

1. Ensuring the security of all property of the command, whether in use or in storage.

2. Observing subordinates to ensure their activities contribute to the proper custody, care, use, safekeeping, and disposition of all property within their command.

3. Enforcing all security, safety, and accounting requirements.

4. Taking administrative or disciplinary measures when necessary.

B. Supervisory Responsibility: The obligation of a supervisor to ensure all Government property issued to, or used by his or her subordinates is…...