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Sources of Finance and Their Advantages

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Sources of Finance and Their Advantages & Disadvantages
Rob Jennings
Personal Savings and Assets
Your personal savings and other assets make a great source of capital. Because you already have them, acquisition costs are minimal, and you won't be paying interest on a bank loan or sharing returns with investors. The drawbacks, of course, are that if you plow your personal savings into a business venture, you could lose it all. Some assets, such as retirement accounts, are safe from creditors and bankruptcy courts; placing such assets at risk may not be good for you, especially if you're approaching retirement age and are running out of time to rebuild depleted accounts.

Corralling a group of investors can help you raise start up or expansion capital for your business without placing all of the risk of loss on you alone. These investors may be active partners in the business, or they may be silent investors who simply provide capital and wait for their returns. The disadvantage to bringing in investors is that you do give up a certain element of control over the company. Even if you retain a majority interest, you'll need to keep your investors happy. Additionally, if you share the risk with others, you'll also have to share the profits.

Bank Loans
William Thayer
Private Banks can be another good source of funding. For small ventures, you may be able to secure a personal loan or line of credit; for larger operations, you may have to leverage assets -- real estate, large equipment or inventory -- by using them as collateral to secure the loan. The advantage to borrowing the money is that it enables you to keep your cash on hand to use as operating capital or for personal survival...

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