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South Korea

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This paper is an analysis of the country of South Korea. Using the operational variables of PMESII-PT this paper will identify the current situation in South Korea and the countries current issues. The overall objective is to understand the motives of South Korea.
The Republic of Korea has a liberal democratic political system. South Koreas political foundation resides in the sovereignty of the people and the responsibility to maintain every citizen’s welfare. Currently the president of South Korea is Park Geun-hye. The 11th and first female president was elected on February 25th, 2013. With Korea’s limited 5 year presidency she has until 2018 to implement her current goals. President Park’s main goals are to maintain the prosperity and safety of her country. She believes that one day tensions will cease with North Korea and continually pushes for a peaceful unification despite the constant threats and military provocations of North Korea. As long as the United States and South Korea maintain their strong relationship, Park said, "You may rest assured, no North Koreans provocation can succeed."(1) North Korea is a shared enemy of the US and the Republic of Korea. The ROK relies on the US for protection against a possible invasion of North Korea and in return the US maintains a strategic hold in Southeast Asia.
The ROC currently has the 7th strongest military power index in the world. With 624,000 active military members and 2,900,000 active reserve members the ROK military consists of roughly 3.5 million soldiers. South Korea has a very technically advanced military and spends 7.5 billion dollars annually on defense. Like many counties oil is the life blood of the country and military. Since Korea imports all of its oil and maintains no proven reserve,...

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