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Southern Colonies | Who founded the colony? | Why was the colony founded? | Virginia | King James I John Smith | The colony was founded for economic opportunities. The people were looking for gold and when they didn't find any, they started to grow tobacco. | Maryland | Lord Baltimore | Lord Baltimore wanted to create a place for Catholics to practice their religion freely and without religious persecution. | The Carolinas | The Lord Proprietors | The colony was founded for eco | Georgia | James Oglethorpe | The colony was founded for people in debt to earn money to pay back their debt in England. Georgia also forms a "buffer zone" to protect the other 13 colonies/ | | | |
Charter: A document issued by a sovereign or state giving a person or group of people permission to start a colony. Under the organization of the colony, defined right and privileges would be named.
What is the Mason-Dixon line? Why would this line be significant later on in U.S. history?
The Mason-Dixon line was the line that divided the Middle and Southern Colonies. The line was significant because it shows the different ways off life on the different areas.

European colonists believed that they were entitled to the land because… | Native Americans believed they were entitled to the land because… | The Europeans thought that they were entitled to the land because they felt that the Indians weren't human and that the Indians didn't have souls. They decided that the Indians were natural slaves. | The Indians believed that they were entitled to the land because they were there first. | The Europeans believed that they would use the land better than the Indians because they believed that the Indians weren't really using the land. | The Native Americans believed that they didn't own the land, but they belonged to the land. | They believed they were entitled...

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