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Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose
In the airline industry competitors have to work hard to maintain market share and even more to increase their share. Southwest Airlines has become the market share leader in terms of passengers carried with the simple strategy: “low-cost/low-price/no-frills.” They have done an excellent job in implementing and executing their strategy elements. Some of the most crucial executions in the Southwest strategy are their point-to-point scheduling of flights, customer service and customer satisfaction, and appreciation of employee involvement for continuous company improvement.

Although many other airlines can implement the same strategic elements as Southwest has, they would still be behind the times since Southwest has been working efficiently from inception. Throughout this analysis of their performance, one may conform his or her own opinion on how to grade Southwest with the information provided. Alternative strategic suggestions will be evaluated with a preferred alternative choice that could improve the Southwest image and performance.

Situation Analysis

General Environmental Analysis

Until the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, the government had control over airline fares, routes, and market entry. But since Southwest's initial plan was to fly only intrastate routes, they did not have to come under the regulation of the Civil Aeronautics Board. Southwest did, however, encounter some legal and regulatory issues within Texas asserted by competitors in Texas. Southwest endeavored a four year long legal fight to enter the airline industry, and eventually prevailed in 1971, initiating their "Warrior Spirit" culture.

After the Deregulation Act passed, Southwest looked to expand their company by flying interstate to New Orleans. Local government officials and airlines operating out…...

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